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Having conservatory roof insulation not only provides amazing temperature control all year round, but also means your roof will be much quieter and no longer subject to excessive rain and wind noise. Furthermore, the glare from the sun and overbearing trapped heat will be a thing of the past. Simply choose a conservatory roof conversion style that suits your home and leave the rest to us.

Conservatory Roof Insulation

Ecoshield provide innovative insulation solutions specifically designed to revive your conservatory. The insulation helps to keep your conservatory cooler in summer and much warmer in winter. The instant effect is a reduction in energy bills and providing you with a room you can use all year!

The fitted insulation is most effective in winter. It reflects heat back into the building in winter which keeps out the cold. Conversely, in summer it works as an effective barrier reflecting heat away from the conservatory, reducing the need for artificial cooling systems and preventing uncomfortable heat build-up.


Conservatory Roof Insulation

Case Study – New Conservatory & Kitchen

Ecoshield provides far more than just replacement conservatory roofs. With decades of experience in construction, we are able to create stunning and desirable conversions to home interiors that suit every budget.

Watch the video and see how we transformed this home from a struggling, cramped space into an open, beautifully bright and warm kitchen area that embraces the new conservatory we also built.

Plastered Internal Solutions

Smooth and Elegant

A plaster finish conservatory ceiling will give your conservatory roof conversion that homely feeling and retain the bright and open space of the room. It will also make it appear as if the conservatory is integrated into the house and not just seem to be an attachment.
We will match the appearance of the plaster to the connected room so everything fits in perfectly, allowing you to enjoy your new room in style and comfort.

The super smooth plastered ceiling is the finished and visible part of a highly insulated, multi layered ceiling, with a U-Value of just .54, which means you no longer have to worry about your conservatory being too hot or cold ever again.

Cladded Internal Solutions

With it’s high gloss finish which highly reflects the light that comes through your conservatory windows, and an easily wipeable surface allowing for easy cleaning, UPVC cladding is an extremely popular choice for conservatory roofs.

We use the same high quality insulation that we do in all our roofs, but the choice of plastered or UPVC finishes are entirely up to you.

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